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Is satellite Internet better than cable?

Satellite Internet or Cable Internet

Depending on where you look and who you ask, you may have heard conflicting things about whether satellite Internet is better or if cable Internet is. The reality is that the industry is changing. With every advance in technology, the two services are becoming more close in their capabilities – making the choice of which to use harder than just picking according to what is offered in your area, says Robert Kleymore from Networkreviews.net. Continue reading

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Developing A Small Business: Business Advice & Sustainability

Small Business Advice and Sustainabilty.png

It is essential for small businesses and startups to develop with a sustainable business model in mind. Long-term success depends on a plan that assesses risk and allows for the capitalisation of the opportunities that arise. This takes into account everything from cash flow to the sales and delivery process. Continue reading

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3 Tips for Spotting New Trends in Business

It is often said that the best time to buy a company’s shares is when it isn’t public knowledge. Buying your shares when the cab driver on the street knows about it will probably generate some returns for you, but it won’t give the same rewards as when you have ground floor access to a highly viable company’s stocks before it becomes public knowledge. Continue reading

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Etsy’s social commerce platform paving the way for a new economy-Facts, Stories and a Cheat Sheet


After we released an infographic on “The Rise of Social Commerce”, documenting its growth and its spread, this week we are up again to narrow down more on peer-to-peer marketplaces. Continue reading

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How Not to Screw Up a Startup Pitch


Let’s dispense with the light bulb jokes before we get on the pitch deck. There’s only way to screw it in properly, and you can screw it up in any number of ways. A startup pitch is no different – you get funding and bask in the warm glow of media coverage if you do it right, and the prospects will be very dark and bleak if you don’t. Continue reading

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